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Who are we?

A progress pride flag is held above a persons head, only their arms are visable. The flag flaps in the breeze in front of a solid sky blue background.
purple background with Who are we written in a large font.

Portsmouth is nailing it with their fabulous queer initiatives, but there's one small detail...Where's the love for our Bi+ community? That's where the quirky and brilliant idea of "Bi the Way Pompey" comes in! One overly anxious Bi woman, tired of being pegged as an ally or feeling like she doesn't quite fit in at queer events, decided to flip the script and create a Bi-positive space and sing from the rooftops how essential we are to the momentum of queer Pompey!!

Don't be fooled! Carving a cozy corner for Bi+ folks and allies doesn't mean we're building walls. Instead, we're excited to team up with our Queer community pals, to kindle better bonds and deeper understanding. Let's unite and rock this rainbow!

The guiding stars illuminating our purpose and direction. (otherwise known as our aims and objectives). on a bright yellow background with some small hand drawn stars in the corner.
Bi visibility written on a sky blue background.


At Bi the Way Pompey, we're all about shining a bright spotlight on the Bi+ community in Portsmouth & Southsea. It's our top priority, and we're proud to be doing it!

A sign is held up at a rally. It reads Bi is Beautiful, it is the colour purple and circular.

Bi-erasure remains a pervasive issue, the path to combat it is clear - to raise our voices and stand unapologetically alongside our fellow members of the LGBTQ+ community.

A close up shot of persons back pocket of their jeans. In the Pocket is a small Pansexual flag, it has 3 stripes of colour in pink yellow then blue. It's a bright picture on what looks like a sunny day.

Expand Queerness

We aim to roll out the rainbow carpet for all the amazing Bi+ individuals out there! We need to open up our minds and hearts to their unique perspectives and experiences, which can enrich and expand our understanding of queerness. Essentially, to give them the standing ovation they deserve!

A trans flag is held aloft. it is blue, pink and white.

B with the T

We're proud to stand with the trans community as an organisation, and our action speaks louder than words! We're committed to being strong allies for our trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming friends. We know that the fight against oppressive binaries is a shared one, and we're in this together!

A mixed group of people are playing a video game and eating pizza together.

Create community

Studies indicate that many BI+ folks grapple with feeling like they don't fit in either queer or straight spaces. This can lead to a sense of isolation that can really throw mental health out of whack. That's why we're determined to create a strong support network and community for Bi+ peeps in Portsmouth & Southsea. Together, we've got this!

A person assigned male at birth with dark hair and a short beard cups his hand to his ear and scrunches his face in an exaggerated way as if to emphasis he is listening.

We are all ears!!

We've vowed to revisit our objectives and adapt to the Bi+ community's needs because, let's be honest, what's the point otherwise, right?!

Wanna get involved??

What's on?

Several books are being dropped into a pile

Queer Book Club 
Coming soon!

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